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Photography Nathan Zack & Garrett Frisbey
Words Nathan Zack
Model Daniel James

ANY LONG TIME FAN OF KAPITAL knows that many of the brand’s true masterpieces belong to the Kapital Kountry collection–where you’ll find the most delicate handmade textiles, intricate hand-woven details, and vintage elements sourced by Kapital from what must be a truly inexhaustible archive. The IDGxIDG Denim High Waisted NIME Pants, for instance, are signature Kountry: not only do they bring together new and recycled textiles in a range of shades of deep indigo; because they’re hand-finished, no two pairs are exactly alike. The NIME Pants work well as a statement piece on their own of course, but just for good measure we threw in the bold, 90’s-inspired 7G Knit BORO GAUDY Vest, SAKURA MIRRORED FUJI scarf, plus the versatile Bandana Snuffkin Bag for a flash of contrast.

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